About Our Products

Below you will find a bit more information about our products.

Scented Wax

Our wax is made with a blend of 3 different types of waxes in different ratios.  These waxes are coconut, soy and food grade paraffin.  Paraffin and coconut provide very good scent throw performance and soy in my candles worked harmoniously with the others for an attractive candle but even better for a long, slow and clean burn.  I modified my blend slightly for wax melts to allow for better release from the molds they are poured in. 

Our wax blend has a high melt point (melts at higher temperature) which is important since the good old Sunshine State of Florida rarely gets cold weather.  The goal is to avoid melting of your wax goods while in transit to your homes and also providing a long lasting melt after a proper curing period. Our wax is highly scented!  Halogen warmers 25W or higher, 20W hot plate/2-in-1 warmers and tea lights allow for best performance. I pride myself in using premium materials like coconut wax in my blend along with premium phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils in some fragrances.


Our perfume is available in oil or alcohol base. I like both but love some of the benefits of the carrier oils used as a base.  They offer great benefits for the skin and I find them to be longer lasting although with less sillage and more intimate.  Alcohol base perfumes provide more sillage, therefore allowing a larger scent trail and overall projection. Many in an office setting prefer oil blends. Some like to use the oil blends after showering and layering with an alcohol based perfume for even longer duration of the scent. Oil based perfumes ado not require flong periods of “curing” such as alcohol based perfumes which go through the process of maceration . This is the process of allowing the alcohol to blend with fragrance oils and allowing for the alcohol notes to dissipate in the perfume blend. Oil based rollerballs are made using fine organic carrier oils like jojoba, fractionated coconut and others depending on the blend.  We ensure to only offer skin safe oils and follow all IFRA guidelines while still using max percentage allowances to give you the strongest and longest lasting scent possible.  Each bottle of perfume sold whether oil or alcohol based is labeled with the ingredients in each perfume.  At end of the day, it is a matter of preference.

Scented Salt Crystals

Scented Salt Crystals are made using fragrance oils and also follow IFRA guidelines.  They are a very good alternative to wax for those with pets or those that love scenting their homes but prefer to not dump and clean up wax.  They provide a great hot throw in tea light warmers although their longevity is more short lived than their wax counterpart. They can also be placed in dishes to diffuse scent and make for a great decorative piece.

What else is in store?

As I learn how to create other scented products, you can expect to see the catalog of products grow!  While providing you with high quality products, I still look for opportunities to explore with hopes of offering even better if possible.  My family and I are thankful for the opportunity to bring you anew"A  Scented Adventure" one scent at a time!

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