Floral & Fruity Floral Scents

Scent & Descriptions

Apple Blossoms & Lavender Buds- BBW Type - Sweet apple blossoms, lilacs and lavender petals.

Apricots & Roses - Inspired by Yankee's Apricot Rose - The fresh sweetness of an English garden with a blend of apricot rose, sweet nectarines, soft gardenia petals, and sheer musk.

Art of Seduction - Inspired by Victoria's Secret's Pure Seduction - A seductive blend of musk, floral bouquet, apple and fresh citrus.

Aspen Caramel Woods - BBW Type - (DISCONTINUED) Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossom. Top notes of golden butterscotch, Italian bergamot, quince nectar; middle notes of silky dahlia petals, juicy plum, jasmine blossom and bottom notes of Dry notes of bourbon vanilla, velvety sandalwood, whipped caramel, exotic amber, American cedar, white aspen woods.

Bamboo Orchid - Bamboo and tropical botanicals.

Beautiful Days - BBW Type - Fresh fruity floral blend with notes of apples, berries, cyclamen, lilies and musk.

Bella - Fig, sage & tobacco rose give it a feminine touch and the base notes of saffron, amber and a touch of frankincense gives it an exotic twist!

Bird of Paradise - Tropical floral blend consisting of top notes of lemon, orange and tuberose followed by notes of birds of paradise, rose, gardenia and honeysuckle on a base of magnolia leaves and jasmine.

Blackberries & Lavender - BBW Type - Crisp blend of blackberry, cranberry, fresh mandarin and lavender.

Blackened Amethyst - This fragrance combines aquatic top notes with Italian bergamot, rare camellias, and lime; followed by middle notes of lily, jasmine, and rose; finished with notes of exotic sandalwood and vetiver.

Blueberry Lavender - Fresh cut sprig of lavender blossoms mixed with a bundle of rich, juicy blueberries. Top Notes: French Lavender, Orange, Lemon Middle Notes: Blueberry, Persimmon, Quince Base Notes: Sugared Violet, Vanilla Grass Essential Oils Used: Orange, Lavender

Cactus Blossoms - BBW Type - Sun-kissed coconut, vanilla & fresh sparkling lemons with have you falling in love with the desert again. Crisp & sweet with a delicious finish. A fresh bright scent that is both clean and has floral tones.

Champaka - Floral notes of jasmine, lavender, lilac, and fresh greenery with the earthy notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

Children's Room - Sweet violet petals and old fashioned powder with a light floral top note.

Coconut Rose & Oud - Notes of rose petals and coconut water, with hints of oud, cedar and sandalwood.

Daydreams - Notes of lavender and herbal mint.

Dreamcatcher - (DISCONTINUED) A sultry, oriental-floral type opens with a subtle berry, muscadine, and apricot nuance followed by a floral explosion of heliotrope, jasmine, carnation, geranium, ylang, rose and black orchid, and finishes with rich burnt cedar, dark patchouli, creamy sandalwood and vanilla musk.

Egyptian Musk - Soft white flower bouquet on a strong background of musk.

Elegant Diva - A beautiful powdery floral rose with soft petals of peony and warm undertones of sandalwood.

Fairy Garden - Fruity top notes are complemented by middle notes of wisteria and lilac. This is a tangy fruity floral.

Fleur de Lis - Ty Type - Slightly oriental tone with bursts of fresh, crisp pomegranate laced with red currant, sunshine and a whisper of floral.

Gilded Rose & Spruce - Lemon rind, lemon flower, white rose, blue spruce, patchouli, Canadian fir needle and sandalwood.

Glitzy Girl - A blend of red fruits including raspberry, strawberry & cranberry is enhanced by apples & licorice, with light floral tones of gardenia, jasmine & heliotrope with a background of exotic woods & white musk.

Goddess - (DISCONTINUED) Feminine blend of light citrus and floral with heavy musk notes. An accord of jasmine, lavender patchouli and sandalwood.

Goddess of the Universe - The ultimate in femininity; Subtle white flowers of jasmine, ylang ylang and honeysuckle delicately pair with an airy white musk that imparts a clean powdery finish.

Honeysuckle & Pear - A very sophisticated fragrance. The sweet smell of honeysuckle is captured and added to juicy ripe pear, resulting in a wonderful, fresh natural botanical blend.

I'm a Diva - Tyler Type - Clean, ozone, fruity green top notes with jasmine, lily of the valley, mid notes of lavender, and woody, earthy, and musky bottom notes.

I'm So High Maintenance - Tyler Type - Floral top notes followed by woody notes with rich, sweet, patchouli and long lasting musky undertones.

I'm Too Sexy - Spicy notes with hints of fruit lead to the luxurious floral signature of this scent. Notes of clementine and cactus flowers, vanilla orchid, blackberry, white amber and pimento.

Jungle Goddess - Fresh and herbal with notes of mint, palm fronds, gardenia, muguet, coconut and finished with sandalwood and white musk.

Kiss with Passion - Inspired by Victoria's Secret's Passionate Kisses - Sweet fruity floral blend of jasmine, hawthorn and rose with raspberry, peach, hint of citrus zest and coconut with base notes of musk, vanilla and wood.

Kudzu Blossoms - Muscadine - Jasmine - Muguet Lily - Violet - Musk

Lavender &  Marshmallows - BBW Type - Relaxing lavender with sweet fluffy marshmallow.

Lavender & Coconut Milk - A blend of lavender with silky French vanilla infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk.

Lavender Buds & Apricots - Inspired by BBW's Lavender Spring Apricot - Top notes of lavender, apple, pomelo and apricot with middle notes of magnolia, lavender, bamboo and dahlia followed by base notes of sandalwood, cedar, musk and cashmere wood.

Lavender Eucalyptus - The fresh aroma of lavender, relaxing and calming, mixed with the strong invigorating aroma of eucalyptus.

Lavender Fields - A lovely blend of a fresh rainfall and lavender.

Lavender Vanilla - A relaxing blend of lavender highlighted by the rich buttery aroma of vanilla.

Luaus in Hawaii - A beautiful aroma of juicy peaches, passionflowers in bloom, greenery, muguet and coconut.

Luna Bella - Inspired by Scentsy’s Luna - Top notes of lemon, orange, bergamot, raspberry with middle notes of carnation, tuberose, orchids, hydrangea, calla lily on base notes of vanilla, oak moss and Tonka bean. 

Maharani Padparadscha - (DISCONTINUED) Exotic blend of Rose, Jasmine, Lily and Sandalwood.

Moroccan Orchids & Pink Amber - BBW Type - Lush Moroccan orchid, amber and succulent. Top notes of Lemon Verbena, Succulent Apricot, Desert Sand Accord, Spiced Fig. Mid Notes of Jasmine, Marrakesh Orchid, Turmeric and bottom notes of Creamy Vanilla, Kashmir Wood, Pink Amber.

My Little Black Dress - BBW Type - White carnation, sandalwood, blood orange, smoky wood, black rose and patchouli mingle with notes of toasted vanilla, amber, vetiver and a kiss of Egyptian musk.

Only One in A Million - Inspired by BBW's One in a Million - Tuberose - Gardenia - Jasmine - Coconut - Pink Pepper - Cashmere Musk

Original - CB Type - Blend of roses, lavender and spice on a beautiful base of patchouli and vetiver.

Perfect Peonies - (DISCONTINUED) - BBW Type - An airy blend of peony, natural apple oil and vanilla sandalwood.

Pineapple Orchid - Slatkin Type - Tropical notes of orange, succulent peach, pineapple, and white orchid with solar musk.

Plumberries & Dahlia - Notes of Red Currant, Mandarin Peel, Passion Fruit, Magenta Dahlia, Orange Blossom, blush Magnolia, Raspberry, White Woods & Warm Musk

Polynesian Plumeria & Peach -  Tropical frangipani and sweet essences of peach and passionflower create a juicy fruity floral medley. This scent has notes of jasmine, green foliage, frangipani with mid notes of passionflower, gardenia, mugueton a base of galbanum, vanilla and coconut.

Pomelo & Apricot Rose - Top notes of orange peel, lemon and grapefruit with mid notes of gardenia, apple and pineapple on beautiful base notes of caramel, peach and vetiver.

Pretty Pink Chiffon - BBW Type - An airy blend of soft pink petals, creamy blonde woods, and vanilla bean chiffon.

Raspberry Lilac - Butterfly bushes and softly sweet ripe raspberries.

Rice Petals & Shea Butter - Top notes of ozonic sea water, crushed ginger root, and anise leaves.  Middle notes of coconut milk and rice flower; and sits on base notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood.

Rose & Amber - Notes of rose water, wild lilies, blooming peonies and amber.

Rose Milk - Delicate and silky concoction of creamy coconut cream, juicy berries, sweet apples and whispers of rose petals dance among fresh figs, smooth cashmere, and spun sugar nuances. Sweet, fruity, flirtatious with a delicate note of rose.

Rose Water & Meringue - BBW Type - Fresh Rose Water, Spun Pink Sugar, Creamy Vanilla Bean with sweet, long lasting musk and amber bottom notes.

Sexy Teases - Inspired by Victoria's Secret's Sexy Tease Please- A playfully seductive blend of bergamot, pink orchid and Brazilian wood.

Sheer Seduction - KS Type - A sensual floral accord of African violets and lily of the valley, complimented by slight hints of kiwi, lime, and grapefruit.

Strike a Pose - Star jasmine and white lily blended with rich Indonesian patchouli, warm cinnamon, creamy French vanilla and sensual white musk. Inspired by Tyler's High Maintenance.

Sweet Dreams - Sweet blend of bergamot, lemon leaves, apple skin, lavender petals, raspberries, lotus blossom,s pink sugar, amber and sandalwood.

Tropical Plumeria - Hawaiian Plumeria highlights this fresh, clean and delightful tropical floral fragrance.

Under a Spell - Inspired by Victoria's Secret's Love Spell - Lush citrus blend sweetened with hints of berry and surrounded with floral tones of lavender and green stems for freshness. A shimmering musk undertone adds sensuality.

Vanilla Blossom - (French Vanilla - Fresh Air Accord - Coconut - Ylang Ylang)

Velvety Sugar - BBW Type - Red velvet crème and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries.

Very Sexy for You - VS Type - A provocative blend of rose and violet with nuances of grapefruit and musk.

Violet Orris & Sandalwood - (Violet - Lemon Zest - Jasmine - Orris - Sandalwood)

White Jasmine & Pineapple - Blend of strawberries, pineapples, and apples blended with peach blossoms and jasmine and finished with dreamy coconut milk, sensual musk and just a hint of basil.

White Lily and Amber - White amber and musk with top notes of dewy cyclamen and smooth mimosa.

The Beginning of a New Adventure

My name is Gissett, (GiGi) the owner of A Scented Adventure, LLC.  I am a lover of all fragrance related products, be it perfume, candles, body and room sprays, etc.  YOU NAME IT!  My house is a challenge to scent with extremely high vaulted ceilings throughout at least half, if not more of it.  Luckily, for me, my family loves the smell goods too!

In 2020, being an overall fragrance fanatic, finding myself with more time on my hands with less travel due to Covid-19, I took on a hobby related to one of the things I am passionate about which is home fragrance!  My goal was to make the best throwing and longest lasting candles and wax melts that I could make.

I spent hundreds of hours on DIY forums, FB groups and watching YouTube video tutorials to learn how to make candles.  During this time, I was introduced to a brand that sold refill tubs of their wax with choice of different wicks to use depending on the vessels.  Although, I wasn't making the wax, I learned how to determine appropriate wick sizes for different vessels. I learned how to test candles, their performance and how to make slight adjustments. After becoming a bit comfortable and enjoying it, I decided it was time to put a bit of what I learned through various channels to use.  I spent quite a bit of time and money trying various waxes, using various combinations and/or ratios which were discussed by many in the DIY groups of which I was a member. As for fragrances, I wanted to try everything that seemed appealing which was A LOT!

I finally found the blend of waxes and fragrance load for both candles and melts that worked well to scent my home.  The higher fragrance load negated the need to change out the wax in a dozen or so warmers after only 4-6 hours which was typical for me due to my open floor plan and high ceilings. Adding more fragrance oils to a great wax blend is like filling up the gas tank vs. filling half way.  You will get farther on the full tank even in the worst driving conditions. Makes sense. Right? In wax melts, because their is no open flame you can add more oils than the maximum amounts suggested for candles.  There is a fine line though as to just how much oil your wax can hold.  Testing and pushing those limited was fun. exciting and sometimes even a bit frustrating.

After creating multiple batches with different wax blends, fragrance load percentages, etc., I decided that I would share with some wax loving family and friends.  They were as excited as I was with what I was able to create. A FaceBook group was created where I could share my adventures in wax making.  This quickly became the group in which ultimately A Scented Adventure was born.  This all began with the love and support of family and friends. One friend who is a fragrance lover herself consistently motivated me to move towards selling my goods. She is familiar with products from some of the big brand names and smaller vendors like myself. She truly helped to build up my confidence to do something with what I learned and was so passionate about. Let's face it! Your family will typically always support you but I was honored to have her vote of confidence in my "creations".

Over time, what I thought was a good means to recuperate some money I had already spent resulted in me just buying more wax and fragrance oils. This little adventure eventually became so much more. Our small business started growing with the support of members of our FaceBook group who buy my products, primarily the wax melts I hand pour in small batches! This group has become a wonderful online community of individuals that share the same passion for home fragrance. Our members have helped me grow immensely not only buying my products but also sharing the group with their wax loving family and friends.  Most importantly, the group is truly an online community where we don't only discuss wax!  The camaraderie exhibited is amazing! I owe, finding myself on one of the biggest, if not the biggest e-commerce platform to those that believed in me and supported me along the way.  As a small business owner with unexpected growth, you find yourself with opportunities to make things better. I could never do this without the support of my beautiful family, our group's administrative team and the members of our group.  

What was once a "one woman show" grew exponentially and now, WE ARE A FAMILY OPERATED BUSINESS with my daughter, Brianna being my right hand and my better half and sons assisting when needed!  We love what we do and hope to take you on "A Scented Adventure "one scent at a time!