FAQ, Tips for BEST Performance & Product Care

Frequently Asked Questions, Tips for BEST Performance & Product Care

What type of wax is used in the wax melts?

Our proprietary wax blend consists of coconut wax, soy and food grade paraffin.

What types of fragrance or essential oils do you use? 

We pride ourselves in using uncut, phthalate-free premium oils sourced from reputable manufacturers and distributors in the USA. We also have blends that utilize some of the finest essential oils. If a scent contains essential oils, it is included within the scent description. 

What types of warmers work best with your wax?

Our proprietary wax blend has a higher melt point since we ship from the Sunshine State of Florida.  This helps mitigate the risk of melting during hotter weather. We recommend using the following types of warmers:

  • Tealight
  • 20W or higher hot plate/element with dish
  • 25W or higher halogen bulb

How much wax should I use?

Great question! This will vary! We suggest using enough to cover the bottom of your wax warming dish with no more than a ½ inch pool of wax. The amount may vary based on the size of your warmer.  Do not overload your dish. Less is BEST! (The hotter the top of your wax pool is, the stronger your scent will be and further it will project. Some may prefer a deeper wax pool which will require changing your wax out less frequently. Please note that this will lessen the amount of scent emitted. Our wax is highly fragranced and you will be surprised that it doesn’t take much wax to get great performance with excellent longevity.)

I have a large open concept area and/or high ceilings. Will your wax be able to fill my area with scent?

This was our struggle and why I started creating wax melts! We have a decent sized home with a somewhat open concept layout.  We also have vaulted ceilings in our general living areas and one bedroom. Our ceilings are very high with the highest points being over 25ft.

For larger areas, we suggest using warmers with wider dishes or strategically placing multiple warmers around your living space.  Your warmers and wax melts serve as a wickless candle! Typically, the larger the diameter of your candle the more scent it emits due to the wider opening. More wicks typically mean more heat and better throw/projection. Therefore, choose your warmers wisely for different areas.  You may not want a large/wide dish warmer in your bedroom and it may be better suited for more open spaces. That cute little warmer with small dish may not work for your living room unless you have multiples.

 Is there anything else I can do to get the best performance out of my wax?

  • By now, we have established that the hotter the top of your melt pool is, the better the performance, therefore, it is important to keep your warmers away from drafts and not directly under A/C vents.
  • Find the best areas to place your warmers. The circulation in your room will vary and some areas may project the scent better. This is why we love tealight warmers.  Not only do they generally provide the best hot throw/scent projection but options for warmer placement isn’t limited to an outlet. If your preference is electric warmers which are great also, we suggest using a tealight warmer to at least determine the best areas to place your electric warmer to best circulate the scent in your space.
  • Please keep in mind that warmers with dishes with too great a distance between the tealight or bulb may not allow for wax to get hot enough. Also keep in mind that dishes that are too close to your heating element may burn off certain types of scents a lot quicker or emit unpleasant odors.  For example, citrus fragrance oils may burn off much more quickly or smell unpleasant when heated to too high a temperature. Wax with heavier fragrances oils, i.e., bakery and earthy/resinous types will do better in warmers with less distance between heating element and dish. We suggest testing what works best for your area.

My wax seems to have changed color. Is it still good?

Certain ingredients like vanillin, resins, etc. can discolor over time.  This does not affect the performance.  We may use additives to slow the process down but as time goes by and depending on the percentage of the particular ingredient, it may change.  This is not only true for wax melts. It happens with any scented product like candles, laundry booster, skin care, etc. Keeping your products away from direct light can slow this down but is not always inevitable.

All this wax info but how should I care for my perfumes, skin care, laundry booster, etc?

Glad you asked! Here are some important details!

  • Our skin care products, should be kept out of extreme heat and direct sunlight. Any products that contain water, has a preservative. Preservatives typically degrade with extreme heat. Some oils and/or butters may change also. For example, shea butter may tend to become grainy if exposed to varying temperature changes, i.e., hot to cold. Anhydrous (no water) butters will melt in extreme heat or harden if too cold. The texture may change but should still be good unless expired.
  • We use different natural oils and butters in many of our skin care formulations. Each product has a shelf life based on the ingredient with the shortest life. Please refer to the label for your product for specific details as this will vary.
  • For products in jars, we suggest using a small spatula to remove product. Using your fingers in the jar may introduce bacteria into the product. You may be the cleanest person in the world but bacteria can be found even in the water we use to wash our hands or bathe in.
  • For best product longevity, we suggest storing our products with natural oils and butters in a refrigerator or a cool dark place when not in use.
  • Alcohol based perfumes perfume and room sprays do not contain a preservative as they are formulated with a high percentage of denatured alcohol which makes the product self preserving. Non-alcohol fragrance mists will contain a preservative and again, extreme heat should be avoided.
  • Laundry boosters should be kept in cool dark places. If clumping occurs you can shake the bag or use the scoop provided with your purchase.

Since we are always adding new products, it is important to read the product labels for instructions, warnings, etc. When in doubt, feel free to contact us we want you to not only LOVE your products but get the best performance and longevity possible!


The Beginning of a New Adventure

My name is Gissett, (GiGi) the owner of A Scented Adventure, LLC.  I am a lover of all fragrance related products, be it perfume, candles, body and room sprays, etc.  YOU NAME IT!  My house is a challenge to scent with extremely high vaulted ceilings throughout at least half, if not more of it.  Luckily, for me, my family loves the smell goods too!

In 2020, being an overall fragrance fanatic, finding myself with more time on my hands with less travel due to Covid-19, I took on a hobby related to one of the things I am passionate about which is home fragrance!  My goal was to make the best throwing and longest lasting candles and wax melts that I could make.

I spent hundreds of hours on DIY forums, FB groups and watching YouTube video tutorials to learn how to make candles.  During this time, I was introduced to a brand that sold refill tubs of their wax with choice of different wicks to use depending on the vessels.  Although, I wasn't making the wax, I learned how to determine appropriate wick sizes for different vessels. I learned how to test candles, their performance and how to make slight adjustments. After becoming a bit comfortable and enjoying it, I decided it was time to put a bit of what I learned through various channels to use.  I spent quite a bit of time and money trying various waxes, using various combinations and/or ratios which were discussed by many in the DIY groups of which I was a member. As for fragrances, I wanted to try everything that seemed appealing which was A LOT!

I finally found the blend of waxes and fragrance load for both candles and melts that worked well to scent my home.  The higher fragrance load negated the need to change out the wax in a dozen or so warmers after only 4-6 hours which was typical for me due to my open floor plan and high ceilings. Adding more fragrance oils to a great wax blend is like filling up the gas tank vs. filling half way.  You will get farther on the full tank even in the worst driving conditions. Makes sense. Right? In wax melts, because their is no open flame you can add more oils than the maximum amounts suggested for candles.  There is a fine line though as to just how much oil your wax can hold.  Testing and pushing those limited was fun. exciting and sometimes even a bit frustrating.

After creating multiple batches with different wax blends, fragrance load percentages, etc., I decided that I would share with some wax loving family and friends.  They were as excited as I was with what I was able to create. A FaceBook group was created where I could share my adventures in wax making.  This quickly became the group in which ultimately A Scented Adventure was born.  This all began with the love and support of family and friends. One friend who is a fragrance lover herself consistently motivated me to move towards selling my goods. She is familiar with products from some of the big brand names and smaller vendors like myself. She truly helped to build up my confidence to do something with what I learned and was so passionate about. Let's face it! Your family will typically always support you but I was honored to have her vote of confidence in my "creations".

Over time, what I thought was a good means to recuperate some money I had already spent resulted in me just buying more wax and fragrance oils. This little adventure eventually became so much more. Our small business started growing with the support of members of our FaceBook group who buy my products, primarily the wax melts I hand pour in small batches! This group has become a wonderful online community of individuals that share the same passion for home fragrance. Our members have helped me grow immensely not only buying my products but also sharing the group with their wax loving family and friends.  Most importantly, the group is truly an online community where we don't only discuss wax!  The camaraderie exhibited is amazing! I owe, finding myself on one of the biggest, if not the biggest e-commerce platform to those that believed in me and supported me along the way.  As a small business owner with unexpected growth, you find yourself with opportunities to make things better. I could never do this without the support of my beautiful family, our group's administrative team and the members of our group.  

What was once a "one woman show" grew exponentially and now, WE ARE A FAMILY OPERATED BUSINESS with my daughter, Brianna being my right hand and my better half and sons assisting when needed!  We love what we do and hope to take you on "A Scented Adventure "one scent at a time!