Bakery & Gourmand Scents

Scent & Descriptions

 Loopy Cakes - Fruit Loops - Marshmallow Fluff - Strawberry Cake

7-Up Poundcake - Light and delicious blend of warm cake, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla, and sugar. 

Absolutely Fabulous Cake - (DISCONTINUED) Rich, moist white cake with hints of white chocolate and sweet cream, shredded, toasted coconut coated with sweet vanilla nestled inside topped with rich buttercream frosting!

Almond Biscotti - Wonderful aroma of almond, baked dough with sugar and vanilla.

Almond Cookies - Rich butter cream blends with cookie dough and nutty appeal of toasted almond and vanilla.

Almond Creme - Intense almond balanced by a fusion of rich creme and kissed by a hint of cherry.

Almond Extract - Full-strength almond fragrance- just like the baking extract.

Almond Macaroon - Warm cookie dough and sweet almond.

Almond Rum Cake - Top notes of almond extract, chopped almonds, and dark rum; followed by middle notes of sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and heavy cream; well-rounded with base notes of butter and cake batter.

Ambrette Liqueur & Brûlée Glaze - Top: Crystallized Ginger, Orange Valencia, Middle: Orchid Petals, Coconut Husks, Caramel, Bottom: Crème Brûlée, Vanilla Souffle, Ambrette Glaze

Angel Food Cake - Sweet, creamy angel food cake.

Apple Butterscotch Cake - A sweet apple cake loaded with notes of sweet butter, rich gooey caramel, vanilla bean and hints of sticky maple syrup.

Apple Cider Donut - An apple cider accord which blends with a fried donut character. The fragrance has a spicy cinnamon accord which rests on a sweet, sugary vanilla base with tonka bean and musk.

Apple Cinnamon Zucchini Bread - House blend of apple cinnamon and zucchini bread.

Apple Crisps - BBW Type - Mouthwatering notes of apples, peaches, citrus, vanilla and hint of maple.

Apple Dumpling - Top notes of red candy apples, and pears. Middle notes include nutmeg, clove, cardamom and freshly ground cinnamon bark. Base notes include dry notes of vanilla, and hazelnut.

Autumn Sweets - Notes of cake, pumpkin, spices, rum, butter and Tonka bean.

Baked Pie Crust - Warm and buttery pie crust.

Bam Bam's Girl - Fruity Pebbles Type - Notes of tart lemon, sweet orange, soft lavender and corn cereal notes sweetened with a base of vanilla blended with warm sandalwood.

Banana Cream Pie - Notes of ripe banana, quince, and apple; middle notes of juicy pearberry, Anjou pear, clove buds, and plantain leaves; base notes of vanilla extract, pie crust, and butter rum.

Banana Nut Bread - Fresh from the oven, with just the right blend of sweet, creamy ripe bananas and walnuts. This is not too nutty and very similar to the version from Home Interiors.

Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding - BBW Type - Creamy banana with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

Banana Pudding - Creamy banana pudding with vanilla wafers and a meringue topping.

Banana Split Milkshakes - BBW Type - A delicious blend of banana and chocolate sauce finished with note of bright cherry.

Banana Walnut Cake - A delicious cake fragrance consisting of notes of brown sugar, fresh bananas with freshly crushed walnuts smelling like it just came out of the oven.

Bananas Foster - (DISCONTINUED) Sweet ripened bananas, caramel sauce, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, banana liquor with hint of dark rum and cinnamon.

Bear Claw - Sweet dough blended with raisins, dates and nuts.

Beignets All Day - Baked lemon butter donuts sugared with nutmeg and cinnamon, creamy vanilla, smooth bourbon and malt.

Berry Rock Candy - Blend of the sweet berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy.

Berry Waffle Cones - BBW Type - Sweet Berries - Waffle Cone - Vanilla Ice Cream

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo - Strawberry, raspberry and pineapple with sugar cane and spun sugar on a base of vanilla and light hints of musk.

Birthday Cake - Moist white cake, decadently sweet buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie - Warm buttery cookies topped with tart blackberry.

Blackberry Scone - Notes of freshly picked blackberries are complemented by hints of boysenberries & raspberries and nuances of buttery, warm crust.

Blueberry Cheesecake - A sweet, yummy and decadent scent starting with Tahitian vanilla, rich creamy butter and ripe blueberries atop a crumbly graham cracker crust.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream - Rich cream cheese tones, blueberry accord and tiny hints of cinnamon blended with super sweet vanilla ice cream.

Blueberry Cobbler - A blend of wild blueberry and brown sugar with sweet vanilla bean and warm spiced cinnamon and a buttery crust!

Blueberry Glazed Donut - BBW Type - Tantalizing scent of a fresh baked donut with blueberry glaze and sprinkles.

Blueberry Lemon Donut - Freshly picked blueberries with juicy lemon baked into a delicious vanilla cake donut topped with a sweet, sugary glaze.

Blueberry Lemon Poundcake - House blend of sweet blueberries and dense lemon poundcake.

Blueberry Muffin - Top notes of juicy tart blueberries with orange zests, middle notes of butter cake, and base notes of vanilla and almond.

Blueberry Pancakes - Blueberry buttermilk pancakes drenched with savory maple syrup and topped with pecans.

Blueberry Sugar - BBW Type - Sweet Blueberries, brown sugar, graham cracker crust.

Blueberry Zucchini Bread - Zucchini bread mixed with blueberries.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds - BBW Type - A delicious fragrance that combines sweet vanilla and marshmallows and warm, creamy sandalwood with a hint of white magnolia blossoms.

Bonfire S'mores - BBW Type - Sweet marshmallow, honey and chocolate with a smoky hint of campfire.

Boozy Bites - Top notes of melted butter, mimosa and hints of coconut. Middle notes of Kentucky Bourbon, sweet fluffy marshmallows and confectionary sugar. Bottom notes of crushed vanilla, soft amber and musk.

Boozy Strawberries & Vanilla - Strawberries - Bourbon - Oak - Vanilla

Bourbon Soaked Raisins - Smells like raisin bread. Top notes include mandarin, peach, raisin, plum, prune, orange with middle notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, bourbon, rum and a base of coconut, caramel, condensed milk, vanilla and sugar.

Bri's Delight - Blend of strawberry pound cake and pistachio ice cream.

Bunny Cake - A sweet creamy vanilla blended with sugary lemon and coconut.

Butterbrickle - Rich, strong sticky drops of Vermont maple, toffee and creamy butter mingle with rich vanilla in this tantalizing aroma.

Buttercream Frosting - Buttery buttercream frosting with hints of vanilla.

Buttermilk Pancakes - Notes of rich buttermilk, freshly baked cake, sweet cream butter, and lightest touch of maple syrup.

Cake Bake - Rich and yummy white cake.

Campfire Marshmallow - Perfectly toasted, creamy marshmallow with intoxicating notes of burnt sugar, sticky sweet cocoa-vanilla, and a subtle hint of smoky firewood.

Cappuccino Espresso - Strong notes of coffee with hints of cream.

Cappuccino Latte - Rich coffee with hints of cream, spice and roasted notes.

Cappucino Brulee - A rich, strong coffee aroma oozing with heavy cream and caramel.

Captain Crunch Berries Type - A yummy smelling blend of strawberry, grape, buttercream, fresh bakery notes and wild berries. Background notes of raspberry, vanilla sugar, plum, tonka bean and warm maple.

Caramel Cream Coffee - Roasted to decadent perfection, then brewed to rich, dark bliss, this exquisite and robust scent is smoothed and enriched by heavenly hints of tonka bean and irresistible dashes of coconut cream.

Caramel Delight - Creamy, chewy, smooth, sweet caramel.

Caramel Flan - Delicious aroma of caramel creme, French vanilla, rum, brown sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract and caramelized sugar.

Carnival - A great blend of cotton candy, caramel apples and a hint of funnel cake.

Carrot Spice Cake - Sweet, rich and fresh out of the oven fragrance. Dark brown sugar, fresh carrots, cinnamon, clove, sweet maple and vanilla.

Cereal & Cartoons - BBW Type - The delicious aroma has notes of warm toasted cinnamon, crunchy cereal, ice cold milk and sugar crystals.

Cereal Marshmallow Bar - BBW Type - Fluffy marshmallow and Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Champagne Sprinkles - BBW Type - Sparkling champagne, raspberry icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Cheesecake - Rich, creamy cheesecake with a hint of graham cracker crust.

Chocolate Chip Brownies - Warm, gooey baked delight of walnuts, rich fudge chocolate, chocolate chips, creamy milk and warm vanilla.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - A luscious blend of sugar, cookie dough and chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Cherries - The aroma of sweet maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate, with a dry down of French vanilla.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels - The scent of pretzels dipped in sweet chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Ripe strawberries covered in a rich, creamy chocolate.

Chocolate Drizzled Churros - Notes of fried pastry, light cinnamon sugar and chocolate.

Cinnamon Apples & Peaches - Stewed apples and peaches with cinnamon.

Cinnamon Bread Pudding - A spicy cinnamon based scent with notes of bread and pudding.

Cinnamon Buns - (DISCONTINUED) Rich butter, gooey rolls, with cinnamon swimming in caramelized sugar, and a hint of frosting.

Cinnamon Glazed Baklava - A flaky, cinnamon glazed traditional baklava with top notes of freshly grated cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove followed by notes of a nutty, flaky crust, caramelized sugar, buttery vanilla, and sweet honey.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - BBW Type - Rich vanilla bean sprinkled with cinnamon.

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut - Fresh crushed cinnamon blended with sugar crystals on top of a fresh doughnut.

Cinnamon Yum Yum - Delicious blend of cinnamon spice notes, cake and light brown sugar.

CinnaNut Coffee - Rich tones of fresh roasted Colombian coffee perfectly balanced with warm cinnamon, buttery roasted Brazilian nuts and rich maple.

Cocoa Ganache & Vanilla Truffle - Decadent chocolate truffles swirl with sweet vanilla and cream. Notes include white cocoa, milk froth, vanilla bean, chocolate truffle and melted butter.

Coconut Cream Pie - Rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut, butter, with a hint of fresh baked crust.

Coconut Frost Cake - Delicious notes of creamy coconut and whipped vanilla with base notes of tonka beans and warm musk.

Coconut Macaroon - Notes of freshly baked dense sweet cookies with rich toasted coconut flakes, almond paste and hint of citrus.

Coconut Shortbread Cookies - Freshly baked shortbread cookies! Shaved coconut, creamy coconut oil, melted butter, milk and sweet vanilla all blended in a rich shortbread batter and sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Coffee Bean - Scent of fresh ground coffee beans.

Coffee Bean & Cacao - Rich, sweet creamy caramel with butter coffee, cacao and warm vanilla.

Cotton Candy  Skies - BBW Type - (DISCONTINUED) Yummy blend of sun-sweetened orange, strawberry, sugar and vanilla bean.

Cotton Candy - A blend of fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla.

Cotton Candy Clouds - BBW Type - (DISCONTINUED) A sweet candyfloss accord with supporting notes of sugar, lemon, musk and vanilla.

Country Berry Pancakes - Aroma of pancakes hot off the pan, maple syrup and mixed berries.

Cream Cheese Frosting - Whipped Cheesecake - Vanilla Extract - Buttercream - Confectioners' Sugar

Creamsicle - Orange citrus swirled with creamy vanilla.

Creamy Vanilla & Coconut Sugar - This is a decadent warm vanilla glacé. Light and creamy coconut dances with vanilla and a touch of brown sugar for a sweetly subtle treat. Notes include creamy honey,coconut, caramel, monk fruit brown sugar and vanilla bean.

Creme Brûlée - A smooth and creamy vanilla custard with caramelized sugar crystals.

Creme Brûlée Café - Scent of a decadently rich toasted, sugared, coffee flan.

Creme de Menthe Whip - Light hints of coconut, whipped cream, crème de menthe and fresh mint leaves layered on a smooth sweet, creamy vanilla bean base. (DISCONTINUED)

Creme de Vanille - (Cream - Sugar - Vanilla Bean)

Crimson Pear & Caramel - Super ripe crimson pears sprinkled with caramelized brown sugar and churned maple butter, drizzled with honey and vanilla.

Crumpets & Orange Tea - Black Tea steeped with juicy orange and served with bakery fresh crumpets. This blend contains approximately 50% essential oils.

Cupcakes at Tiffany's - Crispy toffee bits, smooth milk chocolate with sugary fruit tonalities blended with rich, creamy nuances of buttercream frosting.

Danish Butter Cookies - The delectable aroma of fresh, buttery Danish cookies that melt in your mouth! Notes of buttermilk, burnt sugar, caramel, and sweet, creamy vanilla.

Dark Chocolate & Honeycomb - Creamy cocoa and vanilla bean with nutty hints of roasted almond, golden honey, and fresh berries for a rich, decadent desert.

Divine Cherry Pie - BBW Type - Notes of dark cherries, almonds, pie crust, cinnamon, bing cherries and vanilla.

Espresso Gelato - (DISCONTINUED) - A tasty blend of coffee bean, rich dairy and vanilla. (DISCONTINUED)

Fairy Dust - A sweet blend of fresh pomegranate and citrus creates natural juicy tones for this sweet heart delight. Creamy undertones of berry and musk are sweetened with vanilla and sugar crystals complete this luscious scent.

Frangelico Streusel - Sweet, sugary pastry infused with a hazelnut liquor for a heady aroma with a light base of Arabica coffee.

French Baguette  - BBW Type - This is a crisp, golden, fresh-baked baguette baking in the oven!

French Toast - French toast, hot off the griddle, with a touch of vanilla and lots of cinnamon.

French Vanilla - Warm scent of French vanilla.

Fresh Baked Pie Crust - This scent is a rich buttery pie crust baked to perfection.

Frosted Key Lime Cupcake - (DISCONTINUED) Persian lime and lemon zests followed by middle notes of meringue and well rounded with base notes of royal vanilla icing and creamed cake.

Fruit Loops Type - Like the cereal! Bright and strong! Sweet orange, tangy cherry and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood.

Funnel Cake - Combination of fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Ginger Vanilla - BBW Type - Cinnamon and ginger with a sweet and creamy vanilla base.

Glazed Doughnuts - Smells just like Krispy Kreme! The aroma of fresh glazed doughnuts.

Graham Crackers - Cookie dough baked with orange zests, cinnamon powder and brown sugar with hints of other kitchen spices.

Green Apple Candy - Smells like a sweet and tart green apple Jolly Rancher!

Gumballs - Old Fashioned Gumballs

Hazelnut Cappuccino - A milky sweet nutty gourmand coffee type with top notes of fresh coffee, milky hazelnut, maple, coconut milk and rum, middle notes of heliotrope, peach, and cinnamon, with a soft musky sweet vanilla bean base note.

Hazelnut Coffee - Scent of freshly brewed Arabica coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla with a base note of nutty hazelnut.

Hello Sweetie - Inspired by BBW's Hello Sugar - Sweet sugar cane with notes of lemon rind and shortbread.

Homemade Cookies - Fresh baked cookies sprinkled with sugar and spice.

Honey & Lavender Gelato - (DISCONTINUED) YK Type - A refreshing lavender treat that's bursting with flavor and topped with cool berries and warm honey. A lovely aromatic bouquet of French lavender infused with blackberry, raspberry, sweet, creamy vanilla, Tonka bean and sun-kissed honey.

Honey Almond - A rich, nutty blend of sweet, golden honey and buttery almond with just a touch of fruit.

Honey Buttered Rolls - Sweet honey, cinnamon and vanilla blend into a buttery bakery note. (DISCONTINUED)

Iced Carrot Cake - Fresh baked carrot cake with light cinnamon and frosting.

Iced Lemon Danish - Decadent buttery pound cake laced with fresh grated lemon zest and drizzled with sugary icing.

Iced Oatmeal Cookie - Delicious oatmeal, spicy clove and sweet cinnamon baked to perfection and topped with sweet, creamy vanilla icing.

IDCC (I Dream of Cotton Candy) - Notes of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, and sugar. Cotton candy like at the county fair.

Irish Cream Coffee - Blend of French Roast and Irish Crème. Rich tones of roasted coffee bean surrounded with accents of oak, aged liquor. Smooth, sweet undertones of vanilla crème create a velvety background for the café blend.

Italian Wedding Cake - Decadent notes of cream cheese, cane sugar, almond, pecan, vanilla cake and coconut.

Jelly Glazed Donut - Sweet, fried dough glazed with a generous amount of vanilla sugar filled with sweet strawberry jam and tiny puffs of powdered sugar.

Juicy & Fruity Gum - Inspired by Juicy Fruit Gum - Banana - Peach - Lemon - Orange - Pineapple

Lavender Latte - Fresh coffee is blended with coconut milk and honey with a few shots of sweet lavender and vanilla.

Lemon Cheesecake - Rich, creamy cheesecake infused with fresh lemon juice with a light graham cracker crust.

Lemon Cream Cake - Rich layered lemon cake with fluffy lemon cream glazed with sweet icing.

Lemon Curd - Fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract and a hint of sugar blended with fresh cream.

Lemon Lavender Cookies - Lavender shortbread cookies topped with whipped lemon cream.

Lemon Marshmallow Whip - Freshly squeezed from the Meyer lemon orchard, a fabulous sweet citrus zing and a hint of Poppy seed. A zest of wow and a twist of delight.

Lemon Meringue - Smells like a tangy fresh baked lemon tart.

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins - Notes of candied lime savors, lemon syrup, and bergamot extract; followed by middle notes of poppyseed muffin, brown sugar, and clove bud; sitting on base notes of marshmallow fluff, vanilla cake batter, and white musk.

Lemon Poundcake - Dense cake baked with fresh squeezed lemon.

Lemon Sugar Cookie - A blend cookie dough and tart lemon baked to perfection and drizzled with the sugary sweetness of creamy vanilla frosting.

Maple Chai & Sweet Cream -Maple Chai & Sweet Cream - Sweet Cream - Ginger - Brown Sugar - Buttermilk

Maple Pancakes - Buttered Pancakes - Maple Syrup

Marshmallow Fluff - Fluffy, creamy marshmallows.

Marshmallow Zucchini Bread - House blend of marshmallow and zucchini bread.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream - Rich buttery whipped cream tops this yummy accord of vanilla bean with hints of toasted nut and grated cinnamon with a base of melted marshmallow for a sweet finish.

Milk & Cookies - Mix of light cinnamon, warm vanilla and a sweet cream top.

Milk & Sugar - Milkhouse Type - Caramelized sugar & warm milk combined with notes of vanilla & nutmeg.

Milk Bread - (Fluffy White Bread - Sweetened Milk - Butter)

Minty Fluff - Blend of spearmint and marshmallow fluff.

Mom's Banana Cake - Inspired by BBW's Banana Bundt Cake - Spice cake rich with fresh banana and toasted walnuts.

Monkey Bread - Warm, bakery delight with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, buttery bread, and maple & brown sugar glaze.

Moscato - Fragrant red grapefruit and pomegranate are laid atop a bed of green apple and fruit blossoms with a delicate finish of smoky musk and the barest hints of rose and geranium.

Movie Theater Popcorn - Freshly popped hot buttered popcorn just like you get at the movie theater with a hint of salt.

Nights at the Beach - Inspired by BBW's Beach Nights - (Toasted Marshmallows - Sea Salt Breeze - S'mores)

Nilla Nog - (Vanilla - Amaretto - Sugar - Cream- Hint of Spice - Dash of Rum)

Oatmeal Cookies & Icing - Oatmeal, spicy clove and sweet cinnamon baked to perfection and topped with sweet, creamy vanilla icing.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey - Milkhouse Type - Fresh-baked oatmeal cookies dipped in whole milk, drizzled with true sweet honey. Subtle cherry notes complete this delicious treat.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey - Scent of oatmeal cookies, milk and honey. This version doesn't have a very detectable cherry note as the Milkhouse version.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Notes of cinnamon and clove blend with a light orange top note and a slight nutty background.

Olde Towne Bake Shoppe - Top notes of buttery vanilla combine with the irresistible scents of fresh dough and gooey batter, with hints of sugared almonds to complete this heavenly fragrance.

Orange Chiffon Cake - Blend of mandarin orange and sweet vanilla cake, caramel and tiny traces of coconut.

Peach Meringue - BBW Type - Fresh peach nectar and golden apricot intertwine with the juicy nuances of fresh nectarine. Whipped, creamy vanilla blends harmoniously to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Peanut Butter Cookies - Peanut Butter - Vanilla - Maple - Sugar Cookie

Pear Tart - (DISCONTINUED) This scent opens with crisp apple, juicy Anjou pear and sun kissed citrus notes of bergamot and orange. Fresh floral notes of rose and lily of the valley blend with sandalwood. (DISCONTINUED)

Pink Petas & Tea Cake - BBW Type - A blend of light pink rose petals with vanilla pound cake and sugary glaze.Pink Sands - YK Type - Bright citrus tones and juicy fruit accents surround this delicate bouquet of sweet florals and fresh greens . Underlying tones of sweet musk, coconut and spiced vanilla add a calming quality to the scent.

Pistachio Dream Cake - A combination of cinnamon, honey, and coconut flakes and vanilla cake.

Pistachio Ice Cream - BBW Type - Delightful creamy blend of pistachio, almond, and vanilla bean notes.

Pistachio Macaron - Blend of crushed pistachio, sugar crystals, cocoa powder, maraschino cherry, vanilla extract, amaretto cream and vanilla ganache are perfectly blended with sweet, rich, warm buttery cookie.

Pistachio Milk - Nutty and creamy pistachio with the warmth of vanilla oat milk, hint of toasted coconut.

Pistachio Pudding Cake - Wonderful scent of pistachio nuts, almond, honey, heliotrope, and rich, creamy vanilla custard.

Poison Apple - Juicy sweet apple, hints of spice laced with maple and sprinkles of sweet butter notes.

Powdered Donuts - Top notes of fluffy fried pastry. Middle notes of hints of crushed nutmeg and white cinnamon. Bottom notes of rich, sweet vanilla and loads of confectionary sugar.

Pralined Pecan Cobbler - BBW Type - Indulge in warm caramel cobbler with the sweet crunch of pecan nuts & sparkling cinnamon sugar. Top Notes of coconut, anise seeds and cocoa powder. Middle Notes of caramel, roasted pecan, and maple. Bottom notes of vanilla, musk, and praline sugar.

Pretzel - Top notes of whole wheat accord, soy milk, crisp crust. Middle notes of fresh baked pretzel accord and rich creamy butter. Bottom notes of maple bark, brown sugar, vanilla extract.

Raspberry & Peach Macarons - Raspberries - Peach - Apricot - Sugar -Almond Cream - Vanilla Macaron

"Raspberry Jam Filled Donut - BBW Type - Raspberry Jam Filling - Sugar Crystals -

Fresh Dough"

Raspberry Zinger - Sweet raspberry, toasted coconut, freshly baked yellow sponge cake and notes of buttercream frosting.

Red Hots Type - Red hot cinnamon candies with a light clove and almond nuance.

Red Velvet Cake - (DISCONTINUED)  Rich velvety Devils Food Chocolate, Tonka Bean; rich, sweet and creamy vanilla icing with light sprinkles of sugar.

Root Beer Float - Perfect blend of fizzy sassafras and sweet vanilla bean ice cream. The nostalgic sensation is heightened with hints of grated cinnamon and warm clove.

Rum Raisin - A warm, fruity fragrance with notes of rum, raisin, caramel and a rich vanilla bean base.

Salt Water Taffy - Chewy, sweet, citrusy, berry, and just a hint of sea salt.

Salted Caramel Frappe - Top notes of coconut, fresh brewed coffee, lemon zests, and sea salt, followed by middle notes of Sumatra dark roast, cocoa powder and caramel butter sitting on base notes of sweet cream, vanilla, and brown sugar.

Serendipity - Sweet, thick, creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut.

Southern Iced Tea - Blend of peach, green notes, jasmine, sweet floral and musk.

Spiced Apple & Peach Cobbler - Warm pie crust filled with spiced apples and peaches.

Spiced Apples & Peaches - Apples and peaches with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spiced Baked Apples - Tender apples baked in a spice blend of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. sweet, slightly tart, spicy and perfect for a cool fall day.

Spiced Chocolate - Chocolate chunks melted into warmed vanilla cream, spiced with fragrant cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

Sprinkled Cake Pop - Inspired by BBW's Confetti Cake Pop - Creamy frosting, rainbow sprinkles and vanilla bean with hint of amber.

Strawberry Cheesecake - Aroma of sweet summer strawberries covering the delectable creaminess of a smooth vanilla cheesecake.

Strawberry Cupcake - Strawberry cupcakes just out of the oven and topped with rich buttercream frosting.

Strawberry Jam - Sugary sweet and ripe strawberries.

Strawberry Macaron & Vanilla Whip - Top notes of butter frosting, red berries with mid notes of strawberry, rhubarb and caramel on a warm base of iced vanilla cream and spun sugar.

Strawberry Passion - A rich ripened strawberry with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla.

Strawberry Poundcake  - BBW Type- Moist pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and fresh cream.

Strawberry Preserves - Aroma of sweet ripened strawberries with notes of raw sugar cane.

Strawberry Shortcake - Fluffy vanilla cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Strawberry White Cake - Aroma of homemade white cake mixed with sweet, ripe strawberries!

Strawberry Zucchini Bread - Zucchini bread mixed with fresh strawberries.

Strudel & Spice - Rich buttery caramel, spicy cinnamon, sweet sugar crystals with a vanilla cake base.

Sugar Cookie Brulee - Rich, velvety vanilla, creamy butterscotch, sugar cane, and just the right amount of freshly baked sugar cookies.

Sugar Cookie Royale - Freshly baked buttery sugar cookies with a touch of sweet vanilla.

Sugar Rush - Reminiscent of cotton candy. This is a vanilla, strawberry, cherry and sweet sugar crystal confection!

Sugared Cronut - Top notes of cinnamon sugar and baked crust accord with mid notes of fresh churned butter and mixed batter on a dry base of agave syrup, powdered sugar and vanilla bean.

Sugared Peaches - Fresh Georgia peach is enhanced by the sweetness of vanilla cream, orange essence, and maple sugar with added notes of spicy cinnamon, pie crust, and a dusting of powder sugar.

Sugared Strawberry Cookies - Delicious smelling aroma of freshly baked gourmet strawberry cookies with a creamy whipped frosting sprinkled with sweet notes of sugar.

Sultry Angel - Notes of musk, vanilla and sweet molasses 

Summer Boardwalk Memories - BBW Type - Fresh caramel drizzled popcorn with sweet candy apples blended with sweet cream and a touch of sea salt.

Sweet Condensed Milk - The comforting aroma of sweetened condensed milk.

Sweet Lemon Iced Tea - Fresh brewed sweet tea with fresh lemons.

Sweet Potato Pie - A rich combination of candied yams, marshmallow cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange zests, and a splash of lemon, in a warm buttery southern crust.

Sweetest Home - YK Type - Inspired by Home Sweet Home - Classic delight of cinnamon stick, clove buds and apple.

Sweets from Paris  - Inspired by BBW's Sweet on Paris - Top notes of blackberry, nectarine, and apricot with mid-notes of peony, macaroon, and meringue followed with base notes of soft woods, vanilla and musk.

Tea & Cakes - Warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of orange and almond cake.

The Ultimate Vanilla - Delectable notes of warm, very rich and creamy vanilla.

Toasted Marshmallow - Creamy milky top-note with the scent of warm caramelized sugar and a toasted sugary sweet vanilla base-note.

Tobacco Rose - A sweet red rose with underlying notes of tonka beans, sultry sandalwood, and light vanilla.

Toffee Apple Crunch - The aroma of a granny smith apple with creamy, buttery caramel dipped in crunchy toffee chips.

Tooth Fairy Taffy - Luscious blend of confectionery sugar paired with fruit syrup of wild berry, orange crush, black cherry, tangerine vanilla taffy to create a sweet tooth, bubble gum dream!

Twinkies - Scent of vanilla cake filled with whipped sugar cream filling.

Twisted Unicorn - Blend of sweet mixed berries, little bursts of citrus, sweet vanilla and notes of sweet sugary cotton candy.

Ultimate Vanilla - Very heavy, warm, rich and creamy vanilla bean.

Unicorn Pop Tarts - Blend of ripe juicy fruits such as plum, strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit sweetened by subtle undertones of French vanilla, hints of cocoa, melted butter, whipped cream and fresh baked goodness!

Unicorns & Sprinkles - BBW Type - Sweet fluffy, cotton candy, rainbow candy drops and sugared lemon.

Vanilla & Bourbon  - BBW Type - A rich gourmand Vanilla cream laced with a dash of strong Kentucky Bourbon.

Vanilla Bean - Rich, sweet and smooth aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Vanilla Buttercream -YK Type - Tahitian Vanilla, powdered sugar and butter rum whipped with sweet churned butter to create the perfect fluffy and decadent confection.   

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch - Sweet vanilla enhanced with melted butter and shredded coconut.

Vanilla Coffee - Rich dark roast espresso with sweet white chocolate and decadent whipped cream.

Vanilla Cupcake - Creamy vanilla frosting with vanilla cake.

Vanilla Oat Milk - Hot, rich oat milk, sweetened with vanilla sugar with a dusting of cocoa on top. Sweet, creamy, and oaty.

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cones - A classic cookie wafer accord is enriched with sweet creamy butter cream and vanilla sugar swirls.

Vanilla Voodoo - Notes of toasted sugarcane, sweet cream, bitter cherry and buttery vanilla.

Very Vanilla - Notes of rich vanilla bean with hints of cream.

Warm & Sugary Vanilla - BBW Type - Rich, decadent notes of brown sugar and vanilla nestled with a hint of musk.

Warm Apple Pie - Nuances of warm cinnamon and flaky pie crust on a decadent base of creamy vanilla.

When Unicorns Fly - Sweet, rich buttery top notes followed by fresh coconut and hints of sweet berries with bottom notes of yummy, super sweet, creamy vanilla.

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles - Rich and creamy sweet white chocolate melted into essence of raspberry and kissed with truffles! Notes of raspberry, white chocolate, toasted Pecan, buttery brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla toffee and truffles.

White Tea & Fresh Ginger - BBW Type - Light citrus notes are followed with hints of peonies, lavender and geranium on a base of sandalwood and musk.

Wild Berry Cheesecake - A perfect dessert scent is carefully crafted with this combination of fresh berries and creamy buttery accords. Notes include strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, coconut, condensed milk, cinnamon, baked vanilla, brown sugar and tonka bean.

Wild Berry Smoothies - WW Type - Sweet fresh cream and berries.

Wildberry Scone - Freshly baked English scones with hints of strawberry, coconut, raspberry, and blackberries.

Zucchini Bread - Fresh baked zucchini bread with hints of almond, sugar and secret spices.

The Beginning of a New Adventure

My name is Gissett, (GiGi) the owner of A Scented Adventure, LLC.  I am a lover of all fragrance related products, be it perfume, candles, body and room sprays, etc.  YOU NAME IT!  My house is a challenge to scent with extremely high vaulted ceilings throughout at least half, if not more of it.  Luckily, for me, my family loves the smell goods too!

In 2020, being an overall fragrance fanatic, finding myself with more time on my hands with less travel due to Covid-19, I took on a hobby related to one of the things I am passionate about which is home fragrance!  My goal was to make the best throwing and longest lasting candles and wax melts that I could make.

I spent hundreds of hours on DIY forums, FB groups and watching YouTube video tutorials to learn how to make candles.  During this time, I was introduced to a brand that sold refill tubs of their wax with choice of different wicks to use depending on the vessels.  Although, I wasn't making the wax, I learned how to determine appropriate wick sizes for different vessels. I learned how to test candles, their performance and how to make slight adjustments. After becoming a bit comfortable and enjoying it, I decided it was time to put a bit of what I learned through various channels to use.  I spent quite a bit of time and money trying various waxes, using various combinations and/or ratios which were discussed by many in the DIY groups of which I was a member. As for fragrances, I wanted to try everything that seemed appealing which was A LOT!

I finally found the blend of waxes and fragrance load for both candles and melts that worked well to scent my home.  The higher fragrance load negated the need to change out the wax in a dozen or so warmers after only 4-6 hours which was typical for me due to my open floor plan and high ceilings. Adding more fragrance oils to a great wax blend is like filling up the gas tank vs. filling half way.  You will get farther on the full tank even in the worst driving conditions. Makes sense. Right? In wax melts, because their is no open flame you can add more oils than the maximum amounts suggested for candles.  There is a fine line though as to just how much oil your wax can hold.  Testing and pushing those limited was fun. exciting and sometimes even a bit frustrating.

After creating multiple batches with different wax blends, fragrance load percentages, etc., I decided that I would share with some wax loving family and friends.  They were as excited as I was with what I was able to create. A FaceBook group was created where I could share my adventures in wax making.  This quickly became the group in which ultimately A Scented Adventure was born.  This all began with the love and support of family and friends. One friend who is a fragrance lover herself consistently motivated me to move towards selling my goods. She is familiar with products from some of the big brand names and smaller vendors like myself. She truly helped to build up my confidence to do something with what I learned and was so passionate about. Let's face it! Your family will typically always support you but I was honored to have her vote of confidence in my "creations".

Over time, what I thought was a good means to recuperate some money I had already spent resulted in me just buying more wax and fragrance oils. This little adventure eventually became so much more. Our small business started growing with the support of members of our FaceBook group who buy my products, primarily the wax melts I hand pour in small batches! This group has become a wonderful online community of individuals that share the same passion for home fragrance. Our members have helped me grow immensely not only buying my products but also sharing the group with their wax loving family and friends.  Most importantly, the group is truly an online community where we don't only discuss wax!  The camaraderie exhibited is amazing! I owe, finding myself on one of the biggest, if not the biggest e-commerce platform to those that believed in me and supported me along the way.  As a small business owner with unexpected growth, you find yourself with opportunities to make things better. I could never do this without the support of my beautiful family, our group's administrative team and the members of our group.  

What was once a "one woman show" grew exponentially and now, WE ARE A FAMILY OPERATED BUSINESS with my daughter, Brianna being my right hand and my better half and sons assisting when needed!  We love what we do and hope to take you on "A Scented Adventure "one scent at a time!